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Genetic Profile 

  • Name: Pink Rainbow Snowcapz
  • Lineage: Rainbow Snowcap Og (Purple Pheno) X Pink Runtz (2022 Cannabis Cup Winning Cut) 
  • Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid 
  • Breeding Type: F1
  • Testing: 100+
  • Height: Short To Medium Bushy Branching
  • Flavor/Aroma: Candy, Grape, Citrus, Cream, Gas
  • Bud Density: Medium To Dense  Buds 
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks 
Write Up: 

The Pink Rainbow Snowcapz is one of our loudest genetics with a spectacular array of flavor profiles. The Rainbow Snowcap OG is a Kushmitz Runtz cross that has been bred and selected by Seed is Art for its ridiculous candy cream terpenes and beautiful purple finish. We then backcrossed it with the Pink Runtz, the award-winning genetics from High Level Health that won 1st place Hybrid Flower at the 2022 Colorado High Times Cannabis Cup. This has stabilized the strain further and created more layers of grape candy terpenes that the Pink Runtz has to offer. This strain is a slower vegetative plant that can be grown using SOG methods and produces high yields of connoisseur-level cannabis. This strain can turn purple during harvest as both parents have recessive purple alleles that allow for the expression of more purple finishes in these phenotypes.


Once this genetic was backcrossed with the Runtz lineage, it stabilized and captured all of the Runtz’s award-winning traits while adding some variety in phenotypes from the Rainbow Snowcap OG male and different levels of creamy gas terpenes. The balance of terpenes and flavors is off the charts as the creaminess of the Rainbow Snowcap OG truly balances the loud upfront grape, citrus, and candy flavors of the Runtz strain, taking it to the next level. Expect to see this strain winning cups in 2023 and beyond.


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