Pink Rainbow Snowcapz


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Name: Snowcap Cookies

Lineage: Rainbow Snowcap OG (Purple Pheno) x Cookie Monster (2022 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner)

Type: Hybrid

Breeding Type: F1

Height: Short – Medium

Flavor/Aroma: Floral, Cream , Gas, Cookies

Bud Density: High Density

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks


The 2022 Colorado High Times Cannabis Cup winning cut, Cookie Monster, is bred with Seed Art’s coveted Rainbow Snowcap OG male, bringing an award-winning twist to the “Cookies” line. This cultivar grows short to medium height plants that should be heavily thinned before the vegetative to flowering transition. The plants produce large, resin-covered buds that can range in hues from purple, magenta, and pink. The Rainbow Snowcap father brings heavy grape, candy, and cream terpenes to the very floral and cookie flavor profile of the Cookie Monster mother. Phenotypes will range from grape and gas terpenes to cookie and earthy flavors, making it a heavy yielder that will impress even the pickiest of cannabis connoisseurs.


The Snowcap Cookies F1 cross allows breeders and genetic hunters to find a couple of different phenotypes that will please your palate. The dominant phenotype is the Cookie Monster phenotype, which will produce a heavier “fresh-baked cookies” profile that will range in fruitiness and creaminess. The recessive Rainbow Snowcap OG phenotype is a melting pot of loud grape, candy, and cream terpenes that will finish with purple hues and resin-covered buds. This cross is truly a level up on the Cookies lineage.


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