Chitrali MAC Fantasy


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Name: Chitrali MAC Fantasy

Lineage: Purple Chitrali (IBL) x MAC (High Level Health Cut)

Type: Indica Hybrid

Breeding Type: F1 : Regular

Height: Pheno #1 Medium

Pheno #2 – Short

Flavor/Aroma: Pheno #1 – Citrus, Earth, Musk

Pheno #2 – Citrus , Gas, Cream

Bud Density: Medium

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks

Write Up:

The Chitral MAC Fantasy represents a modern twist, blending legendary and historical strains, particularly the Chitrali IBL. This hybrid cross yields a range of medium to short plants, each offering a unique terpene profile. Expect aromas spanning from musky earth to sweet citrus, with delightful combinations that orchestrate a beautiful symphony of gas and floral musk. This strain harmonizes the best of both legendary and contemporary cannabis genetics, delivering a truly captivating and diverse experience.

Dominant Pheno:

The dominant phenotype of Chitrali MAC Fantasy leans towards the MAC lineage, presenting a medium-height structure. This variety produces resin-covered spears with a distinct character—deep, hashy muskiness and a dank profile. The combination of the MAC lineage’s traits results in a unique and resinous expression that adds depth and richness to the strain’s overall profile.

Recessive Pheno:

The recessive phenotype in Chitrali MAC Fantasy leans towards the Chitrali lineage, showcasing a shorter stature and recessive variations that lead to purple buds. This variant offers a flavor profile with delightful variations of citrus, cream, and gas, creating a beautiful and bright sensory experience. The combination of Chitrali characteristics adds a unique and visually stunning dimension to this strain, making it a treat for those seeking diverse and vibrant cannabis experiences.


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