Rainbow Gas Cap


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Name: Rainbow Gas Cap

Lineage: Rainbow Snowcap Og (Purple Pheno) X GTR#7 (F3)

Type: Hybrid

Breeding Type: F1

Height: Pheno #1 – Tall

Pheno #2 – Short – Medium

Flavor/Aroma: Pheno #1 – Gas, Earth , Floral

Pheno #2 – Cream, Earth, Gas , Candy

Bud Density: Medium To High

Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks

Write Up:

This F1 cross brings together two carefully selected breeding cultivars: the Rainbow Gas Cap male and GTR#7 (F3) female from Aficionado Genetics. Creating this hybrid from the two main phenotypes has brought a wider selection of phenotypes with greater variety. The creamy, grape, and candy gas terpenes from the Rainbow Snowcap OG allow the terpene profile from the GTR#17 to shine while adding layers of candy cream to the already gas-emitting terpenes of the GTR strain. It will produce medium to large yields of highly gassy and flavorful buds. If you’re a diesel lover, you won’t want to miss out on this one!

Dominant Pheno: Rainbow Snowcap OG

The dominant phenotype will favor the Rainbow Snowcap OG lineage with shorter, bushier plants that will produce medium to large canopies. It permeates creamy, gas, and candy terpenes that will saturate your grow space. It finishes with beautiful hues of purple, magenta, and yellow – a beautiful specimen of an exotic cannabis cultivar.

Recessive Pheno: GTR #7

The recessive pheno is GTR dominant. The plants will be noticeably taller during vegetative and especially during the first 3 weeks of the flowering cycle. The buds are dense and will produce a large harvest of high-quality cannabis. This pheno brings more fuel terpenes with variations of candy, grape, and cream, adding excitement to the diesel traits we have all grown to love.


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