MAC Dreamsicle


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Name: MAC Dreamsicle

Lineage: MAC Pebble Dream x MAC PEbble Dream (FPOG Phenotyope)

Type: Hybrid

Breeding Type: Regular

Height: Pheno #1 -Short

Pheno #2 – Medium to Tall

Flavor/Aroma: Pheno #1 – Fruity Pebble, Gas, Earth

Pheno #2 – Fruity Pebbles, Citrus , Gas

Bud Density: Medium 

Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks

Write Up:

The MAC Dreamsicle, the second iteration and lineage derived from MAC Pebble Dream, is meticulously chosen for its pronounced Fruity Pebble OG dominance in both flavor and structure; the visually striking buds exhibit captivating hues of purple and green, delivering a harmonious blend of fruity and gassy essences that create a well-balanced and enjoyable cannabis experience.

Dominant Pheno:

The dominant phenotype of MAC Dreamsicle manifests as a shorter plant, characterized by layers of both gassy and fruity notes, accompanied by a notable density of trichomes, enhancing its overall potency and aromatic profile.

Recessive Pheno:

The recessive phenotype of MAC Dreamsicle exhibits slightly more MAC characteristics, imparting a creamier and earthier profile to the strain compared to its dominan

t counterpart. This variation adds nuance and complexity to the overall flavor and experience of MAC Dreamsicle.




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