Sour Snowcap


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Name: Sour Snowcap

Lineage: Rainbow Snowcap OG (Purple Pheno) x Sour Alien

Type: Hybrid

Breeding Type: F1

Height: Short

Flavor/Aroma: Sour, Cream, Candy, Fuel

Bud Density: Medium Density

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

Write Up: 

The Sour Alien and Rainbow Snowcap OG are the perfect combination to bring out heavy diesel gas with smooth creaminess. A true dream for flower smokers and washers! The Sour Alien Mother is an over-decade-old Colorado cut that produces huge buds of resin-dripping Sour Diesel and cream terpenes. Breeding this mother with our very own Rainbow Snowcap OG (Runtz x Kush Mintz) brings out grape candy layers into the very balanced and creamy Sour Alien terpene profile. This is a large yielding plant that produces huge buds if thinned up between the vegetative and flowering growing transition. It is a very strong and enjoyable smoking experience and an easy-to-grow plant for such high-quality production and quality.


The phenotypes will vary in this F1 cross, providing variety between the Sour Diesel terpenes and the grape, candy gas. The dominant phenotype will be the Sour Alien phenotype that will grow colas that are resin-dripping with a heavier influence from the Sour Diesel terpenes. The recessive Rainbow Snowcap OG phenotype will produce smaller colas that will grow more in a golf-ball-like pattern up the main colas. These terpene profiles will blow you away. They will range from grape, gas and cream to creamy Sour Diesel terpenes. This very balanced and powerful strain will be a timeless addition to any genetic collection with a terpene profile that can be smoked for years.



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