Hawaiian Rainbow Warrior


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Name: Hawaiian Rainbow Warrior

Lineage: Hawaiian Diesel x GTR#7 (F3)

Type: Sativa dominant

Breeding Type: F1

Height: Pheno #1 – medium to tall with lateral branching

Flavor/Aroma: Pheno #1 – gas, fuel, grapefruit. Pheno #2 – heavy gas, earthy

Bud Density: large calyx, medium density

Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

Limited Release: 2023 Hawaiian Cannabis Expo (Limited 100 packs of 18 seeds)

Write Up:

The Hawaiian Rainbow Warrior is a homage to the “diesels” from the early 2000s in Kaneohe, Hawaii and throughout the Hawaiian Islands for almost a decade. Chaz and Max, founding members of Seed is Art, would search the islands to experience this high quality cannabis strain. Seed is Art has been running projects in Colorado and Hawaii for almost a decade, breeding diesel possibilities to this legendary Hawaiian strain. With a backcross project starting from 100 seeds of Soma’s diesel line and backcrossing with the original diesel (clone only), the search began for the “diesels”. Utilizing this in-house bred genetic, Seed is Art has pheno-selected the GTR (F3) mother bred by Aficionado Seed Bank. The GTR#7 mother was selected for her sweet diesel gas and beautiful purple finish, adding some punch to the grapefruit, earthy, gas produced by the Hawaiian Diesel. For the first time ever, Seed is Art is offering this strain to breeders and connoisseurs across the world in a limited edition release. It will be first released in Hawaii in 2023 at the Hawaiian Cannabis Expo.

Dominant Pheno: GTR #7 

The GTR dominant phenos will be tall and stretch a lot during the first three weeks of flowering. The buds are dense and produce a layer of oily frost that permeates sweet gas and straight fuel. The phenos can turn purple during the flowering stage, adding to the visual appeal. The smell is heavy fuel and earthy, with a sweet aftertaste. The effect is strong and uplifting, making it a great strain for creativity and social activities.

Recessive Pheno: Hawaiian Diesel

This pheno has very small trichomes that completely dust the medium to large calyxes of the buds. The smell favors more of the upfront grapefruit notes from the Soma genetic pool, but adds layers of hops, earth, and more fuel from the GTR F3 mother. This strain will stretch considerably in the first three weeks of the flowering cycle and produce large, sativa dominant, structured buds. Thin up the vegetation in transitions, giving 5-8 main tops, to allow for huge yields during flowering. The father’s traits carry over, giving this strain a very unique, happy, and uplifting effect. Feel the Aloha in its sensation.


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