Rainbow Dreamstone


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Name: Rainbow Dreamstone

Lineage: MAC Pebble Dream x Rainbow Gascap

Type: Hybrid

Breeding Type: F1

Testing: 25

Height: Pheno #1 – Short

Pheno #2 – Medium – Tall

Flavor/Aroma: Pheno #1 – Gas, Earthy, Creamy

Pheno #2 – Fruity, Gas, Earth

Bud Density: Medium to Dense

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

Write Up:

MAC Dreamstone, a hybrid born from the union of MAC Pebble Dream and Rainbow Gascap, offers a visually stunning experience with medium to large trichome-covered buds showcasing a vibrant mix of greens, purples, and oranges; its enticing aroma blends fruity and gassy notes, creating a memorable olfactory journey; upon consumption, the flavor profile unfolds in layers, starting with sweet and fruity notes and transitioning smoothly into a pronounced gas or diesel flavor on exhale; delivering a well-balanced combination of cerebral and physical effects, MAC Dreamstone provides an uplifting head high followed by soothing body relaxation, making it versatile for both daytime and evening use; with medical benefits including stress relief, mood enhancement, mild pain management, and appetite stimulation, this strain is complemented by its medium to large yields, making it a favorite among cultivators seeking both quantity and quality in a cannabis strain.

Dominant Pheno:

The dominant phenotype of MAC Dreamstone leans towards the Gascap side, showcasing a rich combination of fruity, gassy, and earthy tones, layered with a creamy gas complexity that intricately weaves together the distinctive flavors and highs of MAC Pebble Dream and Fruity Pebble, creating a uniquely satisfying and multifaceted cannabis experience.

Recessive Pheno: 

The recessive phenotype of MAC Dreamstone is characterized by its MAC Pebble dominance, resulting in a shorter stature adorned with a dense coating of trichomes; this phenotype boasts remarkable gassy and creamy layers derived from the MAC lineage, contributing to its overall exceptional and potent qualities.


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